Roku Error
Roku Error

What Is Roku Error?

Roku is one of the most affordable streaming devices, but Roku error sometimes prevents the user from enjoying Roku's services. Through the Roku device, the user can stream free and paid video content via the internet on their TV.
Are you looking out for an easy to use the streaming option that can give you more channels? Then prefer using Roku. It allows users to enjoy various types of internet services on their TV.
Roku gives the users an affordable and practical way to add internet streaming to the TV.

Moreover, it is a device through which the user can stream media from the internet to their TV. But apart from its streaming features, users still face Roku error. Roku has a straightforward and simple user interface that enables users to access various streaming apps. Moreover, the users can watch their favorite movies and shows on famous services such as Hulu, Sling, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Netflix, and more.
However, in this guide, we have described some of the most common Roku error that users face while using the Roku streaming device. So, carefully read the entire information provided below.

Common Roku Error

While using the Roku streaming device, it happens that the user fails to use the streaming device due to some hitches. Hence, the following mentioned below are some common Roku error that the user face.

Roku Error All Type Of Roku Errors And Issues

Roku Error Unable to connect to Wi-Fi

It indicates that the user fails to connect to their Wi-Fi. However, it might occur in both wired and wireless connections. Moreover, the user won’t be able to stream the content without an internet connection.

Roku Error Poor Picture Quality

While watching the show, the picture quality gets poor and is not as good as usual. Therefore, the primary reason behind this issue is a slow internet connection or irregular internet connection.

Roku Error Remote Not Working

Sometimes, the user fails to adjust the volume, change the channels, or power on-off with the remote. So, the reason behind this issue could be an old remote battery or the improper pairing procedure of the remote.

Roku Error Not able to run applications on the device

Sometimes, the applications fail to run correctly on the device, and they might hang the system. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that the system or the Roku device is creating the issue, but the application is creating the issue.

Roku Error Fails to update the device and application

Sometimes while trying to update the application, the user fails to do so. Therefore, it might be because the firewall restricts the connection from updating the applications, and a particular error statement appears on the screen.

Roku Error Low Strength Signal Issue

The Roku streaming device enables users to enjoy and stream videos and music online through the internet. Therefore, the users should have a good or high-speed network connection from their router to the Roku device. Moreover, when the connection gets poor, the Roku will detect the low strength signal issue, and the user may experience video playback issues.

Roku Error Roku Activation Issue

Roku activation arises when the user is entering a wrong code or there is some server issue. Along with this, if there is any setup issue or internet issue, then the Roku activation issue takes place. So, the users are suggested to enter the Roku activation code carefully.

Roku Error All Type Of Roku Errors And Issues

Roku Error
Roku Error

How to fix HDCP error Roku?

Roku devices are easy to use and are simple to setup, but the user encounters HDCP error Roku while streaming online content on Roku device. So, the users facing the Roku HDCP Error should go through the complete information provided here.

Suppose the Roku streaming player detects that the HDMI Link with the TV or audio/video receiver (AVR) does not support the copy and content protection technology known as HDCP. In that case, it may display an “HDCP Error Detected” message with an error code 020, or a purple screen may get displayed.

Apart from the TV or AVR that does not support HDCP, the Roku HDCP error may arise due to any other problem such as a faulty HDMI connector or HDMI cable. So, the information provided here explains what the Roku HDCP error is and how to fix it.

What is HDCP?

HDCP is the copy and content protection standard which is used by the movie and Television industry. Copy protection/content protection has been available for a long time, and it was in its early days that stopped the user from copying commercial VHS tapes. The updated copy protection technology is known as HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection). It is used on HDMI connections for digital devices such as cable boxes, Blu-ray, and Roku streaming devices.

Therefore, for the users who are streaming 4K or 4K HDR content on these devices, then the latest version of the copy protection technology known as HDCP 2.2 is needed.

Steps to resolve the “HDCP Error Detected” issue

If the “HDCP Error Detected” issue appears on the screen while using the Roku device, follow the steps adhere below.

  • The users trying to stream 4K ultra HD content when they see the purple screen, check the steps to setup the Roku player for 4K.
  • If the “HDCP Error Detected” message or a purple screen remains on the screen after performing the setup procedure, then apply the following steps mentioned below.
  • On both devices, i.e., Roku player and TV or AVR, unplug each HDMI cable end.
  • After that, turn OFF the TV and remove its power cord.
  • Now carefully remove the power cord from the Roku player also.
  • After this, carefully reconnect both ends of the HDMI cable, ensure that each connector is attached firmly and securely to both devices.
  • Then again, connect the power cord to the TV and the Roku player. After that, wait for both devices to turn ON.
  • After applying these steps, the users are suggested to try viewing the video again.

So these were the steps through which the user can resolve the Roku HDCP error on their Roku device. However, if the error code remains the same, then the users are suggested to try the additional suggestions provided below.

Additional Suggestions to fix Roku HDCP Error

The users facing the HDCP Error are suggested to apply the steps discussed above. After applying the steps, the issues do not get resolved, then consider the additional suggestion adhere below to resolve the HDCP Error.

  • Try using a different HDMI input on the TV.
  • The users are suggested to use another HDMI cable to make sure that the cable does not have any defect.
  • If the users are using an HDMI switch or AVR, consider reconnecting the Roku player directly to the TV.
  • If possible, try using another TV.
  • If using a computer monitor, then consider using a TV if possible.
  • Try to use different display settings on the Roku player. The user can find these settings under the “Settings” > “Display Type.”
  • If the user sees an “HDCP Error Detected” message or purple screen for the first time after setting up the Roku player, make sure that the TV and/or AVR supports HDCP.

If, after trying these suggestions, the issue does not get resolved, then get in touch with the Roku experts for assistance.


These all were some common Roku error that the users face with their Roku device.